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About Laura Kallen
Laura KallenLaura came to yoga after many years of personal fitness development. In the course of that development she recognized the beneficial impact of physical fitness, especially when it came to managing stress and feeling good about oneself. From that recognition came a strong desire to help others with their own personal growth and physical fitness. In her pursuit of excellence, Laura completed a 200-hour registered yoga teacher training that is nationally recognized by the Yoga Alliance. She discovered that by tailoring her own practice to address various chakra imbalances, she not only achieved a stronger body but also a more complete mind/body equilibrium and, ultimately, a deeper level of satisfaction and personal growth.

Laura’s teaching talents were recognized in New York City when her cycling classes were consistently sold-out in over a half dozen clubs. Three years into her overwhelming success in teaching cycling classes, Laura decided to expand into the discipline of teaching yoga.

Laura decided to relocate from New York City to Portland, OR in 2007. She taught yoga and cycling at several Portland area health clubs, wellness centers and also conducted private and small group yoga trainings offering classes more than 15 hours per week. After several years in Portland and much success, Laura moved back to the NYC Metropolitan area in March 2011 where she has launched her health coaching programs to compliment her teaching to empower, inspire and reach even more individuals, helping to guide them on their path to balance and personal growth.

Laura Kallen is the founder of Creative Wellness Products and her innovative DVD Balanced Yoga with Laura Kallen was released to rave reviews in 2009. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nu trition and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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