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A balanced life needs a yoga practice. Inspiring exercise for a peaceful life. This DVD is perfect for those who want options to explore and develop a home practice. We feel different every day and need to be able to have a practice that reflects our mood and our energy levels. An awakening practice that can be done in the morning or anytime we want to feel energized.

A quieting or evening practice to help still the mind, relaxing the body to prepare for sleep or whenever we want to calm down and alleviate stress.

A complete and balanced practice that can be done at any time, opening, strengthening and balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Allowing our practice to be flexible gives us the space emotionally & physically to stay grounded, focused and in tune with ourselves and the world around us. We can gain clarity and a sense of ease when we practice yoga. Yoga is a self navigation tool. A way to find your inner compass and balance. Explore and enjoy what can come from developing a yoga practice.

Price: $20 + $5 shipping. Wholesale pricing available.


Enjoy this soothing 15 minute meditation, guiding you toward a peaceful and balanced state of mind. Use this meditation anytime you need to quiet the mind and/or reconnect your body and mind. Price $1.99

Get this great eBook filled with recipes and self care tips to help guide you through a whole foods cleanse that can be done for as few as 4 days and as many as 14. This is a HEALTHY way to clean out your system, reset your gut and eliminate toxicity. Included along with the manual is a coaching session (via phone or skype) to help set you up for success. Price: $74.99 (actual Value $159.97)

Balanced Yoga with Laura Kallen
Balanced Yoga with Laura Kallen DVD

guided audio meditation
Audio Meditation:

detox your diet
Whole Foods Detox Program with Coaching Call

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